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Sports Day

Annual Sports Day 18 was a memorable day in the history of FPSC. It out classed all the other events ever happened at FPSC. The level of performance from 4th, 5th, and 6th graders was astonishing and was showing their commitment and zeal. proper coverage was given to the event with two professional photographers covering every aspect of the event. teachers and students had a wonderful harmony and a proper team work could be seen. Events like these are only a dream to participate in for many students. Being a part of this esteemed institute students had the opportunity to fully participate in a number of sports event and show case their abilities. Students came in colorful school kits and were very well managed by their respective teachers. Some of the sports that students participated in were football, cricket, PT show, Parade, racing, slow cycling race. Montessori kids also put up a great show of PT and permed on poems. Young Muslim students were also seen participating in slow cycling race. Over all it was a treat to watch all the shows on the annual; sports day. I would suggest that other schools must also emphasize on physical activities along with studies. No doubt their are very few schools left that take both of these things along.


Science fair

Our science fair is one of its kind where students from all the wings work tirelessly under the supervision of their instructors and prepare models, explaining the vital concepts to the visitors. Students are given the entire week to prepare their models and present them on behalf of their classes. More than 50 different stalls are set up by students from different wings and classes. The stalls are visited by the judges who decide the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions. Parents are also invited to visit the campuses and question students about their stalls and models. This event is conducted every year and students participate in it with full enthusiasm and zeal.


I welcome you to FPSC. (الحمد لله). Its been one and a half decade of untiring work and community service that FPSC has been doing. Its been a wonderful journey of providing excellence and quality education to the thousands of young students.


FPSC was established in 2002. The idea was conceived and later developed by Mr. Ikram Ul Bari, the principal. The inspiration came from the elders in the family who already had enormous services for education. The school was named after Mr. Bari’s mother, Fatima, who was a great advocate for girls’ education. Since 2002, school has been serving the community with the quality education and has produced many young stars. When the school was first founded, it had very few people living in the vicinity but gradually the community expanded and school became the center of the town, illuminating thousands of young students since then.

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Academic Calandar

At FPSC we plan each day and each hour before the new session begins. Yearly events schedule and examinations that are to be conducted are handed over to parents before the new session. Here is the link for you to download the academic calendar for the session 19-20: ezwebcmsxdmnx.fpsc.pk/Uploads/Files/calander-19-20-fpsc-PrimeTele.docx


For the better and responsible social role, students are given the freedom to elect their head boy/head girl at the start of the semester and the candidates are allowed to run their campaign for one week. Candidates are allowed to use the platforms of morning assembly to make their speech and convince voters. Activities like these boost the confidence of our students and allow them to plan for future endeavors.