Advise to Parents

Advice to parents:

Parents are strictly asked not to use foul language with their kids. Don't disconnect and lose communication with your child in anger. Talk face to face in all cases. Know their friends and close circles very well. However, avoid giving an impression that you are spying on them. Don't ever blackmail them emotionally. We urge parents not to despair when they have done something wrong. Even if your efforts seem to fail, don't become unmotivated. Don't discourage them or condemn them. Don't disrespect their ideas, feelings, and suggestions. Disappointments are a part of parenting. Don't over express your anger. Don't ever physically abuse them to an extent that their personality is distorted. Clarify what you don't want them to do from a very early stage. It is not always wise to expect immediate compliance all the time. Give kids time to change. Another mistake parent commonly commit is that they compare their child with other sibling or children. It is humiliating for them. Also, it is not a good decision to ever discuss your child's behavior with other people especially in front of them. Parents must never compromise on social evils such as smoking, drugs, dating, and outing in late nights. As we know that teenagerhood is an experimenting age don't ever fall into the trap of “letting them doing for once only”. Most parents believe their children are drug and dating proof. Unfortunately, majority of the youth is involved in one thing or the other. This also includes teenagers from good families. Lastly parents are requested to make sincere Duas for their kids as the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Nothing can change the Divine decree except dua”.  [Musnad Ahmad, 5/677]