Character building

Character building:

Character building is one of the highly focused issue in our institute whereby we ensure that students are motivated instead of forced to implement the valuable teaching of our religion. We aim to produce role models for our young generation who can prove that it is possible to achieve milestones without compromising on our basic values. We have hired top graduates from Medina University who deliver a comprehensive dose of Quranic verses and authentic Ahadith to the kids in the morning assembly and kick start their day with a motivation to be better than who they were yesterday. At this point in history when Muslims are not only facing Islamophobia but also deep divisions within themselves, we need to delve into the teachings of Islam to become inspiring models both for Muslims and non-Muslims. Education, tolerance and social activism, can build bridges across the widest of rivers of mistrust between us. Also, we dedicate each month to a specific theme which is then emphasized in different wings and students are exposed to different activities that lead them to a better understanding of the underlying concepts. Faculty members are also required to attend motivational talks and sessions focusing on core values and their responsibilities at workplace. Character building is incomplete without a strong harmony between parents and school. Parents are urged to keep a strong check on kid's activity and be conscious of what sort of communication they have with their children.