Community service

Community service:

FPSC has been a motivation for its students and faculty in serving the society. For years we have been training our youth in the areas that are beneficial for the society. Students run tree plantation drives every year in which they are assisted by the staff and this way an awareness is generated among the young students about the importance of greenery and plantation in our environment. Kids are taken to the plant nursery in the campus from which they choose their favorite plants and are given the chance to plant it with their own hands, thus encouraging learning through activities. FPSC in collaboration with AL-BARI Foundation has done commendable job by assisting earthquake victims in 2008. This social work aims to bring an awareness among the people and also to pay back to the society. Other small projects in collaboration with AL-BARI Foundation include inauguration of primary schools in the earth quack effected areas and distribution of free books, uniforms and sponsoring the construction of school campuses in such areas. To encourage the volunteerism among students, they are tainted and given a chance to participate in any such activity at school. Students are exposed to several courses and workshops such as First Aid Trainings so that they can show their commitment towards a societal cause. For the better and responsible social role, students are given the freedom to elect their head boy/head girl at the start of the semester and the candidates are allowed to run their campaign for one week. Candidates are allowed to use the platforms of morning assembly to make their speech and convince voters. Activities like these boost the confidence of our students and allow them to plan for future endeavors.