We have tried our best to provide the state-of-the-art facilities to our students and teachers so as to facilitate them in the process of learning and provide a conducive learning environment. From spacious classrooms to vast playing field, students are encouraged to take full advantage of these facilities and enhance their abilities not just in the fields of academia but also in sports. Purpose built chemistry, bio and physics labs are built to support students to put into practice whatever they have learned in books. Separate libraries for junior and senior students are set up where they are free to pick and choose books and develop reading habits in their free times. Language lab is also built for the junior section in order to assist students to develop key skills when it comes to speaking, reading, and writing English language. With the help of audio and visual aid students are now more eager to learn new concepts. Most of our wings are powered by generators to ensure uninterrupted learning environment.   Our trained sports teachers work hard to discover talents among students in different sports and later represent school at different levels. Purpose built cricket and soccer grounds are available inside the campus for students to enjoy the proper matches and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Kids are also given the opportunities to play the indoor sports like table tennis and showcase their talents in annual sports events. The administration has a strong resolve to constantly improve the infrastructure and facilitate its students. 

 A special room for NAZRA and Quranic recitation has been allocated where kids are taught Quranic recitation under the supervision of an expert. Students are segregated from class VI onwards in separate boys' and girls' campuses. Attendants/maids are always available to assist children of Montessori and junior wing while they use washrooms. The campus is fenced by the cemented boundary wall secured by barbed wire and accompanied by intensive surveillance through CCTV cameras and professional guard at the entry and exit point.