Annual Sports Day 18 was a memorable day in the history of FPSC. It out classed all the other events ever happened at FPSC. The level of performance from 4th, 5th, and 6th graders was astonishing and was showing their commitment and zeal. proper coverage was given to the event with two professional photographers covering every aspect of the event. teachers and students had a wonderful harmony and a proper team work could be seen. 

Events like these are only a dream to participate in  for many students.  Being a part of this esteemed institute students had the opportunity to fully participate in a number of sports event and show case their abilities. Students came in colorful school kits and were very well managed by their respective teachers. 

Some of the sports that students participated in were football, cricket, PT show, Parade, racing, slow cycling race. Montessori kids also put up a great show of PT and permed on poems. Young Muslim students were also seen participating in slow cycling race. 

Over all it was a treat to watch all the shows on the annual; sports day. I would suggest that other schools must also emphasize on physical activities along with studies. No doubt their are very few schools left that take both of these things along.