Curriculum and Syllabus: Our curriculum is completely in compliance with the requirements of National Education Curriculum standards. Our curriculum focuses on building strong personalities that look into the eyes of daily challenges that are out there in practical world. It does so by developing social capabilities among students and building in them the right attitude. Students are taught self-awareness which helps them in self management. The curriculum develops a positive learning relationship between a student and a teacher. It helps on building on their strengths and providing them more opportunities to learn new ideas and apply them where required. Our curriculum equips our students to be reflective and responsive to learning and develop a sense of critically analyzing things and observing them from different dimensions. They are also given a strong sense of pride over their identity and encouraged to bring the best practicing Muslim out of them who is determined to make a difference. Qaida and Nazra are an essential part of the curriculum for the junior grades and students are truly taught to read Quran in the appropriate manner so that they don't feel the need to take Nazra tuitions at home. They are also made to learn by heart the small chapters (surahs) of thQuran along with supplications (Masnoon Duaas). Grade 6 onwards, students are taught the Arabic language to an extent that helps them understanding more than 50% of Quranic vocabulary which paves their way towards understanding Quranic text. In Montessori we teach floppy phoenix sounds and letters which is a rigorous, systematic synthetic phonics program that offers highly practical guidance and comprehensive multi-sensory resources to support teaching and learning in school and at home. The resources of the floppy phonics sounds and letters programs are integrated with a range of decodable floppy's phonics fiction and non-fiction books for reading practice.