Montessori: FPSC has a vast experience of `over 15 years in Montessori. We have one of the finest and experienced Montessori teachers. A separate campus for Montessori has spacious classes and includes a vast playing area for kids to encourage physical and activity-based learning. At FPSC Montessori teachers are very particular and responsive to individual needs of every child and develop their ability to learn. This program focuses on the child's needs and enhances the child's achievements. Students are exposed to activity-based learning and they learn through practical exercises. Their language development is done using the floppy phonics approach.

Junior Elementary:

Junior section is one of the most important stages at school which constitutes grade one, two and three. A child gets to learn and establish a strong base which helps him/her later in senior grades. Our priority is to manage the best tutors in the town, that are trained well before they join us. Kids have the access to a separate ground for games and other physical activities. A library is also built to improve the language skills of kids at early stage where they are encouraged to read, listen and speak and learn maximum things in minimum time. 

Senior Elementary:

Senior elementary is based on grade fourth and fifth. These students are given a special attention before they are passed on to senior section. They have a separate campus just like junior elementary. They get to visit a purpose-built library every week where a librarian is deputed to enhance their listening, reading and speaking power.

Senior Wing: 
This wing comprises of separate campuses for boys and girls starting th thfrom grade 6 to 10 . Senior most teachers holding a minimum of master's degree, get to teach here. Honest and hardworking teachers are amongst our core strengths and it is because of them, FPSC is able to produce excellent results each year. For the last consecutive years, we have been able to produce 100% results, allowing our students to get admission in top notch institutes and opening gateways for them to acquire higher education.

Girl's college:
FPSC has been offering different programs like pre-medical, preengineering, ICS, Humanity for girls only college. Many of our bright students have made it into top medical and engineering colleges and are currently pursuing their degrees successfully. Most experienced teachers are hired for college classes and students are provided with the state-of-the-art laboratories to put in practice what they have learned in books. College girls are fee to move in the vast campus and have recreation along with best opportunities to learn. College students are given the liberty to plan and organize their own trips and events and make their experience at FPSC as memorable as they can.

Young Muslim:
This is a Hifz program which is open for all the students to apply for but only the top ones meeting the criteria are shortlisted and finalized for the program. Kids are given admissions after they pass grade four and once, they complete Hifz they are readmitted into pre-ninth if they clear the test for it. With the experienced and hardworking QARI it takes a child an average of 2.5 or 3 years to complete the Hifz. In this period kids are taught the basics of major subjects like Maths, English, and Science. The timings of Young Muslim Hifz students start early after Fajar and ends around Isha prayer. Kids are given proper breaks for physical activities and games at evening and for power nap at noon. A proper trainer is hired to train them at evening and take care of their physical aspects and fitness.