CSS Compulsory and Optional Subjects 2024

The Central Superior Services (CSS) Exam demands thorough preparation across various disciplines. To help you navigate the 1200-mark written exam, let’s delve into the subjects tested and their specific details. This guide outlines the compulsory and optional subjects, exam durations, and language requirements. Familiarize yourself with these crucial aspects to optimize your approach and excel in the CSS Exam. Read the full article for complete details of CSS Compulsory and Optional Subjects.

CSS Compulsory and Optional Subjects 2024

  1. The exam will cover specific subjects, with marks allocated to each. Subjects totalling 200 marks will have two 100-mark papers, while others will have one paper. Each paper lasts for 3 hours.
  2. Expect multiple-choice questions in compulsory and optional papers, except for Essay, Applied Mathematics, and Pure Mathematics.
  3. Answer papers in Urdu or other regional languages like Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi, Persian, and Arabic in their respective languages. Translation questions may be answered as directed. Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions papers should be in English or Urdu only. All other papers must be in English unless specified otherwise, with violation leading to zero marks.
  4. Non-Muslims can choose between Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions.
  5. A candidate must attempt all compulsory/optional subjects to sit for the remaining papers.
  6. The three General Knowledge papers (GK-I, GK-II, & GK-III) require a collective score of 120 out of 300 to pass.

CSS Exam – Detail of Written Exam

  • The CSS Exam consists of four parts:
  • Written Exam: This is the primary examination phase where candidates are assessed on various subjects through written tests.
  • Medical Test: Candidates undergo a medical examination to ensure they meet the required health standards for the service they are applying for.
  • Psychological Test: This assesses the candidate’s psychological suitability for the civil service position they are applying for.
  • Viva Voce: Also known as the interview stage, candidates face an oral examination where they interact with a panel of interviewers to evaluate their personality, communication skills, and suitability for the civil service role.

Public Notice – Written CSS Competitive Examination

Occupational CSS Groups in Pakistan

These are the different occupational groups in Pakistan for CSS:

  1. Postal Services Group
  2. Income Tax Group
  3. Commerce and Trade Group
  4. Custom and Excise Service
  5. Police Service of Pakistan
  6. District Management Group – DMG Group
  7. Foreign Service of Pakistan
  8. Information Group
  9. Military Land and Cantonment Group
  10. Office Management Group
  11. Pakistan Audit and Account Service Group
  12. Pakistan Railway or Commercial and Transportation Group


Code No. Subjects Marks
1. English Essay 100
2. English (Precis and Composition) 100
3. General Science & Ability 100
4. Current Affairs 100
5. Pakistan Affairs 100
6. Islamic Studies OR Comparative Study of 100
Major Religions (For Non-Muslims)
Total Marks 600


In the CSS syllabus, there are optional subjects that you can choose. These subjects are divided into seven groups by the FPSC. You can pick the group that suits you best from the options below.

Note for Candidates: Remember that papers worth 100 marks count as one paper, while those worth 200 marks are split into two papers.

CSS Compulsory and Optional Subjects Complete Guide

Group-I: (To select one subject of (200 marks) only)
Code No. Subjects Marks
11. Accountancy & Auditing 200
12. Economics 200
13. Computer Science 200
14. Political Science 200
15. International Relations 200
Group-II: (To select subject(s) of 200 marks only)
Code No. Subjects Marks
16. Physics 200
17. Chemistry 200
18. Applied Mathematics 100
19. Pure Mathematics 100
20. Statistics 100
21. Geology 100
Group III: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)
Code No. Subjects Marks
22. Business Administration 100
23. Public Administration 100
24. Governance & Public Policies 100
25. Town Planning & Urban Management 100
Group-IV: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)
Code No. Subjects Marks
26. History of Pakistan & India 100
27. Islamic History & Culture 100
28. British History 100
29. European History 100
30. History of USA 100
Group-V: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)
Code No. Subjects Marks
31. Gender Studies 100
32. Environmental Sciences 100
33. Agriculture & Forestry 100
34. Botany 100
35. Zoology 100
36. English Literature 100
37. Urdu Literature 100
Group-VI: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)
Code No. Subjects Marks
38. Law 100
39. Constitutional Law 100
40. International Law 100
41. Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100
42. Mercantile Law 100
43. Criminology 100
44. Philosophy 100
Group-VII: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)
Code No. Subjects Marks
45. Journalism & Mass Communication 100
46. Psychology 100
47. Geography 100
48. Sociology 100
49. Anthropology 100
50. Punjabi 100
51. Sindhi 100
52. Pashto 100
53. Balochi 100
54. Persian 100
55. Arabic 100

Eligibility Criteria for CSS Exam in Pakistan

Age Limit:

  • Must be between 21 and 30 years old as of December 31st of the year preceding the exam.
  • Age relaxation applies to specific groups (check official notification for details).

Educational Qualification:

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree required.
  • Second-class degree (minimum 50% marks) mandatory.
  • The degree must be verified by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).


  • Must be a Pakistani citizen.

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CSS Exam Schedule and Locations

  • Conducted once annually in Pakistan.
  • Exam centres in various cities: Multan, Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Quetta, Peshawar, Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Gilgit, Okara, Gujranwala.
  • Finalized cities announced with official notification.
  • Interview sessions were held in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, and Peshawar.
  • Exams are typically held in February or March.

Required Documents for CSS Application

  • Submit a hard copy of the online application with:
  • Photographs
  • Experience certificate (if applicable)
  • Bank receipt of examination fees
  • Attested copies of educational and credential certificates

Important Tip:

  • Read the official CSS advertisement carefully before applying.

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