What is FPSC Exam in Pakistan A to Z Guide

Learn about the FPSC Exam in Pakistan here. The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) stands as an independent federal body responsible for assessing individuals aspiring to join the civil services of Pakistan. Annually, FPSC administers the Central Superior Services (CSS) exam. This guide furnishes comprehensive insights into FPSC exams, encompassing eligibility criteria for general recruitment exams conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission.

What is FPSC Exam in Pakistan A to Z Guide

Discover the prerequisites for the Central Superior Services exam and navigate the online application process for FPSC jobs via the official website at www.fpsc.gov.pk. Delve into the functions of FPSC, discern the CSS exam syllabus, and understand the distinctions between CSS and FPSC.

FPSC Online Apply

FPSC advertises job openings in national newspapers, detailing the total number of posts, eligibility criteria, and application deadlines. Aspiring candidates can submit their applications online through the FPSC website, following clear instructions outlined on the homepage.

FPSC Website

FPSC’s pivotal role in competitive exams and recruitment for federal departments is evident. The recruitment process commences upon vacancy details provided by concerned ministries or divisions. Stay updated with job advertisements released on the FPSC website and national newspapers every first Sunday of the month.

What is FPSC Exam in Pakistan

Preparing for FPSC exams? Familiarize yourself with the syllabus available for download on the FPSC website. Understand the exam structure, passing criteria, and the subsequent stages of the selection process.


FPSC CSS exam, a cornerstone in civil service recruitment, opens doors to various service groups within the federal government. Successfully selected candidates undertake responsibilities across esteemed services like Pakistan Customs Service, Pakistan Administrative Service, and more.

FPSC Test Syllabus

Eligibility criteria for FPSC exams are clearly outlined, mandating a second-division Bachelor’s degree from a recognized Pakistani university. Age limits and relaxations are specified, ensuring fairness and transparency in recruitment.

Who is Eligible for FPSC Exam?

FPSC’s commitment to merit-based recruitment ensures the selection of suitable candidates for pivotal roles in Pakistan’s administrative framework. Aspiring civil servants undergo rigorous assessment, including written examinations, medical and psychological tests, and interviews.

What is the Work of FPSC?

In essence, FPSC stands as a beacon of integrity, shaping Pakistan’s civil service landscape. As you embark on your journey towards public service, leverage the resources provided by FPSC to navigate the intricate recruitment process with confidence and diligence.

What is the Difference Between CSS and FPSC

CSS, known as the Central Superior Services examination, serves as an annual assessment conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) in Pakistan. This examination aims to recruit individuals for esteemed positions within various federal government departments and services. It stands as a pivotal gateway for aspiring candidates to pursue careers in administrative, police, foreign, and other prestigious services offered by the federal government.

What are the Qualifying Marks for FPSC Exam?

The qualifying marks for the FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) exam vary depending on the specific examination. Generally, candidates need to score at least 40% in compulsory subjects and 33% in optional subjects in the written exam. Additionally, achieving a minimum aggregate score of 50% is often required to proceed to the interview stage. It’s important to stay updated with FPSC announcements for any changes in qualifying criteria. These marks ensure candidates demonstrate competency and suitability for the positions they aspire to in Pakistan’s civil services.

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