FPSC CSS Syllabus 2024 Download PDF | Www.Fpsc.Gov.Pk

Exciting news awaits CSS candidates! The FPSC CSS Syllabus 2024 is now conveniently downloadable in PDF format via the official Fpsc.pk website. No matter which course you’re aiming for in Pakistan, this platform offers the optimal solution. Access the comprehensive CSS Syllabus 2024 PDF FPSC online, providing you with a wealth of essential information regarding the Federal Public Service Commission. Dive into a repository of CSS syllabus manuals and past papers covering both mandatory and optional topics.

FPSC CSS Syllabus 2024 Download PDF | Www.Fpsc.Gov.Pk

Don’t procrastinate; commence your preparations immediately. Your valuable time should be dedicated to studying for the CSS test if you’ve applied and aspire to excel. Obtain the most recent and updated CSS Syllabus, Subject List, Courses, Outline, Required, and Subject Group conveniently compiled in a PDF file.

Www.Fpsc.Gov.Pk CSS Syllabus 2024

For those seeking to download the CSS Syllabus 2024 PDF FPSC Online for any course in Pakistan, look no further than this platform. Access the complete CSS Syllabus 2024 PDF FPSC online, encompassing courses such as English, General Knowledge, Pakistani Affairs, Current Affairs, Math, Geology, Islamiat, and Current Events.

FPSC CSS Syllabus 2024 Download

Stay abreast with the 2024 CSS Syllabus, available for free in PDF format. Keep up with the changes in the CSS competitive examination format, where the main test now carries 1200 points. Obtain the comprehensive CSS syllabus in PDF format, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the CSS Competitive Exam 2016 and beyond. Click here to access the most recent 2024 syllabus updates.

Compulsory CSS Syllabus 2024 SUBJECTS (600 MARKS)

Subject Name Assessment Type Marks
English Essay [SYLLABUS] [MCQs] Examination 100
English (Precis and Composition) [SYLLABUS] [MCQs] Examination 100
General Science & Ability [SYLLABUS] [MCQs] Examination 100
Current Affairs [SYLLABUS] [MCQs] Examination 100
Pakistan Affairs [SYLLABUS] [MCQs] Examination 100
Islamic Studies OR Comparative Study (For Others)[SYLLABUS] [MCQs] Examination 100
Total Marks 600

Optional CSS Syllabus 2024 SUBJECTS (600 MARKS)


Subject Exam Type Marks
Accountancy & Auditing Examination 200
Economics Examination 200
Computer Science Examination 200
Political Science Examination 200
International Relations Examination 200


Subject Exam Type Marks
Physics Examination 200
Chemistry Examination 200
Applied Mathematics Examination 100
Pure Mathematics Examination 100
Statistics Examination 100
Geology Examination 100


Subject Department Marks
Business Administration School of Business 100
Public Administration School of Public Administration 100
Governance & Public Policies School of Governance 100
Town Planning & Urban Management School of Urban Planning 100


History of Pakistan & India Department of History 100
Islamic History & Culture Department of History 100
British History Department of History 100
European History Department of History 100
History of USA Department of History 100


Gender Studies Department of Gender Studies 100
Environmental Sciences Department of Environmental Sciences 100
Agriculture & Forestry Department of Agriculture & Forestry 100
Botany Department of Botany 100
Zoology Department of Zoology 100
English Literature Department of Literature 100
Urdu Literature Department of Literature 100


Law Department of Law 100
Constitutional Law Department of Law 100
International Law Department of Law 100
Muslim Law & Jurisprudence Department of Law 100
Mercantile Law Department of Law 100
Criminology Department of Law 100
Philosophy Department of Philosophy 100


Journalism & Mass Communication Department of Mass Communication 100
Psychology Department of Psychology 100
Geography Department of Geography 100
Sociology Department of Sociology 100
Anthropology Department of Anthropology 100
Punjabi Department of Linguistics 100
Sindhi Department of Linguistics 100
Pashto Department of Linguistics 100
Balochi Department of Linguistics 100
Persian Department of Linguistics 100
Arabic Department of Linguistics 100

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